Hot! The International Guitar Month Giveaway BEGINS (April 3rd-17th)

Wow, 2012 has been ZOOMING by – it’s already April and you know what that means…


This being perhaps the coolest month of the year (well…besides October) we decided to celebrate in the best way we possibly can: by having a giveaway. And let me tell you, we haven’t had a giveaway this big since last year’s Rocktoberfest. In fact, this is much bigger than that giveaway was or any giveaway we’ve held before it.

Cannoy Guitars, Keith Moody, Hedras Ramos, Two Circles Music Co., Jonas Tamas,, Jamz Guitar Straps, AND RJL Guitars have each contributed some amazing prizes to this event. Just take a look at what these awesome guys and gals have in store for you:

The Shaky Old Dog Tremolo Pedal ($99.95 Value)

Presented to you by Cannoy Guitars

1 Year Full Access Membership To

Presented to you by

Signed Copy of “Dreaming Out Loud”

Presented to you by Keith Moody

Signed Copy of “Symphony of Life”

Presented to you by Two Circles Music Co.

Copy of “Atoms And Space”

Presented to you by Hedras Ramos

Full Digital Copy of “Timeless Hour”

Presented to you by Jonas Tamas

Digital Pack (TABs, Backing Tracks & Bonus Song)

Presented to you by Jonas Tamas

Signed Wall Poster

Presented to you by Hedras Ramos

Not picture of actual poster.

Sticker & 10% off Coupon @ Halo Guitars

Presented to you by Hedras Ramos

Handcrafted Jamz Guitar Strap (Over 100 To Choose From!)

Presented to you by Jamz Guitar Straps


The String Cleaner

Presented to you by

100 Customized Guitar Picks

Presented to you by Clayton Custom (Steve Clayton Inc.)

RJL Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

Presented to you by RJL Guitars

GearPipe Guitar Picks

Presented to you by

Gravity Guitar Picks

Presented to you by Gravity Picks

Guitar Trump T-Shirt & Picks

Presented to you by Yours Truly :)


Pretty amazing, right?

For this event there will be just ONE WINNER. So, we’ve laid out a long list of different ways you can get entries – each is extremely simple and won’t cost you a penny. The main way to get entries is to thank our awesome sponsors by liking/following them on different social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc). You only have to like/follow once to be entered, but the more you do, the better your chances of winning!

This is one pretty rad prize package and I hope you’ll join us in on the fun! If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you A.S.A.P!

Rock on, my friends. Enjoy! :)

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I fell in love with the guitar after listening to my father pick away at Metallica’s "Fade to Black" as a little kid. I picked it up at age nine and haven’t put it away since.


  1. Hi,
    First of all, thanks for this awesome giveaway ! What’s even more amazing is that it’s international ! But I’m having some prob with some facebook pages. I can’t access some of them and when I try to like them here, sometimes they say I liked them and sometimes I get an error message. I’m just sad to see my chances diminish :(

    • Hi Sebastian,

      I’m sorry to hear that :( Did you try looking up the error messages on Google? Usually other people will have the same problem and share their solution…if you can’t find one, you may want to try contacting Facebook:

      Best of luck,


      • Thanks Alex ;) I’ll try to disconnect and try again later. Is it possible that some fan pages are restricted to some areas of the globe ? Never heard of it but you never know … Anyway thanks again ;)

        • Yes, I suppose that’s possible…sad if it has to be that way, though. I hope disconnecting from the Internet works for you. If not, well…I’ve seen people win giveaways with very few entries. The system is totally random. I wouldn’t count yourself out, regardless :)

  2. Hi-de-ho!

  3. Luis Manuel Medeiros

    Awesome! Hope 4 D best.

  4. Can’t wait to win!

  5. Thank you so much for the shots at winning some excellent gear. We all wish that someday we’ll be the lucky person to win a piece of gear that we most likely wouldn’t be able to purchase for ourselves. And you allow for a tiny bit of hope that it could happen – repeatedly! That’s a very cool, generous (and smart business!) gesture that I appreciate very much.

    • Hi Rick,

      It’s comments like yours that make it all worth while! I just wish with our giveaways, every person who entered got at least something for trying…hopefully that can be arranged in the near future :)

      Best of luck to you my friend!


  6. the RJL Guitar facebook like link isnt working.

  7. What a loud giveaway !!!

  8. RJL Guitars facebook page doesn’t work (and seem that it doesn’t exist). Same with Cannoy guitars (even the FB link on their website doesn’t work)

    • Hi KG,

      Hm…yes, it appears there is something wrong with the RJL Guitars link (working on that now – thanks for letting me know!). However, the Cannoy Guitars link seems to be working for both sites, at least on my computer. I’ll look into it…

      Best of luck,


  9. I like to win! :)

  10. The Cannoy Guitars FB page was down at seemingly random times yesterday. It seems to be working fine today. If you couldn’t get your entry in yesterday, go ahead and try again!

  11. Peace from France

  12. Thanks for putting together a really great prize pack!! My prizes are starting to roll in now it’s like X-Mass!!! Thanks to the people that did not respond in time to let me win and a BIG thanks to the all the companies for the great prizes!

    Jeffrey S.

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