Hot! Interview: The PawnShop kings

“We were in a couple of bands in college and beyond that as well. One day we turned around and realized we were the only ones left. And so it began…”

Brothers Joel (left) and Scott Owen (right) have been singing together their whole lives, having lots of live performance experience as they play wherever they can – bars, churches, festivals…even street corners.

“Lyrically, we sing about the same things our heroes sang about…” says Scott, “Life, love, God, relationships. [Bob] Marley, Stevie Wonder, the Staple Singers, Beatles, Mahalia Jackson, Jackson Browne, [Bob] Dylan…. those are the names that come to mind first.”

When asked about where the inspiration for their music comes from, Scott explains, “The inspiration for the music comes heavily from our southern upbringing and the years growing up on the California coast. It’s a marriage of the beach and the bayou. Civil rights era gospel music, California country/folk music, and rock n roll.”

I found the name PawnShop kings interesting, so I asked how they came up with it. Scott then says, “We set out a list of all the words and combinations of words that we thought described us. We spent an inordinate amount of time in second hand stores, and so the name really fit our day to day life.” He continues, “Over the years, we have resonated more and more with the concept of a pawn shop. The give and take process is inherent, and it mirrors our lives. We all need the possibility of a second chance.”

When asked about their goals for the future of the band he states, “It took us longer to identify ourselves and to be comfortable with who we are musically. We write, play, record, travel…come back and do it again. We do what we do. We will keep putting it out there if it keeps coming. Seems to me that making music for a long time is set aside for the ones that cant help themselves…”

The PawnShop kings is a great band with amazing musical talent. Here are a couple of their videos so you can listen to their songs. Be sure to check out their website and also like them on FaceBook to get even more info about the band, as well as their tour dates.

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