Hot! Interview: Band of Bigfoot

It’s finally happened. Bigfoot has “come out of his cave”. He’s no longer in hiding…and he’s making it known.

Backed by Bass-Quatch (on bass), Shreddy the Yetti (on lead guitar), and Sas-Crotch (on drums), together they are the Band of Bigfoot – and they’re taking over California.

“I always thought Sasquatch should have his own band,” Says Mike Bray (otherwise known as The Abominable Frontman who takes lead vocals and guitar), “…a band of misunderstood beasts just wanting to be free…and [to] rock. In 2008, that dream became a reality.”

“Looking for a project after a brief stint of playing in a cover band with guitarist Tom Harris and drummer John Lewis, I realized that these guys were great players, and just might be crazy enough to wear costumes and write songs from the perspective of a Sasquatch.” He continues, “…We scheduled a rehearsal, jammed tunes, and played around with some more ideas…After some cool shows and shooting a mock-umentary, our [original] bassist, Rory headed back to Illinois for some schoolwork and classes. We then auditioned our biggest fan and immediately hired super talented Hollywood bassist Grey Dee.”

When asked about the costumes, Mike explains, “We decided to wear costumes because the songs didn’t make much sense without them, and it looks cool. Most of the lyrical content was written about being an outcast and trying to obtain respect and freedom…but from the point of view of Sasquatch.” He then says, “After playing one of our first shows at ‘The Dragonfly’ in Hollywood, we realized the full body suits were way too hot and must be modified. It is really hard to see and hear whats going on around you with a Yeti mask on your head.”

“We cut em up, customized them further, and made them more breathable. That is when we gave our characters their names. ‘Abominable Frontman’, ‘Shredi the Yeti’, ‘BassSquatch’ and ‘SasCrotch’. BassSquatch later became ‘The Hollywood Funk Ape’.”

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the costumes, too. Mike continues, “…sometimes people think ‘they wear costumes, they must be making up for lack of musical talent’. While this is an interesting judgment, after seeing one of our shows…skeptics usually get it, and are very impressed with what they have experienced.”

After asking about how the Band of Bigfoot creates their songs, Mike says, “We all pitch in on the arrangements, and music. I would say that Tom (Shreddy) and I write most of the lyrics, but we always have open ears to any thoughts and ideas from our imaginative band mates. It helps having creative minds in the band when you’re restricted to a point of view or topic. That is why most of our tunes have subtle multiple meanings.” He continues, “The inspiration comes from loving to play, and striving to be different and great.”

At the end of the day, when this band gets up on stage and rocks their animal hearts out, they’re hope is to “leave a lasting impression, and hope that the next day people will be talking about how awesome the ‘Band of Bigfoot’ show was last night.”

“We do this to have fun, and to be a highly entertaining band that sounds as cool as they look.” Mike says, “It is important to us [that] musicians keep rock music alive, and also keep a sense of humor. That being said, playing some shows with Tenacious D or Led Zeppelin would be awesome, hehe!” He finishes with, “Who knows, maybe someday you will see us in an arena, theater, bar or backyard near you!”

Check out this AWESOME song called “Finding Nimoy” from their upcoming album, Big Tracks. Also, be sure to like them on FaceBook for performance dates, original Sasquatch music, and lots of other cool stuff! They’re really a great band – you won’t be disappointed.

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